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Polarbit may have another hit on their hands with their new game Tank Riders

Way back in August we talked about a game Polarbit happen to be hinting at called Tank Riders. While not much was known about it at the time aside from one screenshot and that is was a 3D action game with tanks, we now know a lot more about it as they have finally released Tank Riders onto the Android Market.

Tank Riders is a 3D action game where you ride around on a tank and battle it out with enemies on maps that are set up like mazes. Of course you will be able to use a variety of weapons to stop your enemies who want to shoot your face off with such items like cannons, missiles and mortars. You will also be able to pull off some trick shots such as bouncing a shot off a wall around a corner to hit someone who is waiting there for you. Of course they will be able to do the same.


Another great feature which we had hoped would make it into the release of Tank Riders is that it’s multiplayer. Should you complete the single-player campaign you can always download maps and go at it with other players to see who is the best. You can download Tank Riders from the Android Market for $1.99 and get to blowing up other people.

Thanks to speedrocket in the forums for the heads up!

Developer Website: Polarbit

Android Market Link: Tank Riders

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