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Digital Leisure releases arcade classic adventure game, Dragon’s Lair, onto Android

Back in the day there was one arcade game that stood out from the rest not only because of all the goofy scenes and humor involved but also the game mechanics for it were completely different from most games available in an arcade during it’s time there. Now the classic arcade game Dragon’s Lair has arrived on Android.

If you haven’t had the fortunate experience of playing Dragon’s Lair from back in the day on an arcade machine, it’s about a goofy knight trying to save a princess, your typical storyline for the most part. Using reaction-based game mechanics along with an action/sword button, you would have to complete each zone but doing different actions when the game told you to such as jumping on a specific tile when it flashes. It you didn’t do it in time you’d end up dieing. It was an extremely challenging game back then and is still to this day.


Now Digital Leisure has brought Dragon’s Lair to Android in all it’s former glory including all the cut scenes, whacky death animations and the same directional/reflex game mechanics that came with the original. You’ll be, once again, in control of Dirk the Daring who is trying to rescue the princess and destroy the Evil Wizard Mordroc. This is a complete port from the high definition film and replicates the entire arcade experience as it used to be but instead on your Android phone.

For those of you who have played this in the past, this is pretty much a given to purchase. For those that haven’t had a chance to ever play Dragon’s Lair, now would be a good time to get a piece of gaming history but on your Android phone. You can download Dragon’s Lair for $4.99 off the Android Market.

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Developer Website: Digital Leisure

Android Market Link: Dragon’s Lair

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