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Paper Zombie Review: Killing Zombies gets a bit more fun.

Looking for another excuse to kill some zombies? Yeah, I thought so. I mean, c’mon, who isn’t? Well, Wildbit Studios has hooked you up with a free release of Paper Zombies—a first person shooter, hack and slash type action and adventure game.

Name: Paper Zombie | Developer: Wildbit Studios | Genre: Arcade & Action | Players: Single | Version: 1.2 | Size: 17MB | Price: Free (Full) |

So after nestling down with Paper Zombie (named as such because the zombies are made of paper), I have to say it’s really cool. The time will fly by quickly while playing this game as you swear it’s “just one more try and then I’ll quit” (of course, that will be the tenth time you’ve said that). In order to save the people, you have to kill the zombies by first starting with a paper cutter. As you grab some coins through game success, you can upgrade to firing and launching weapons.

I can’t really say enough good about the quality of the graphics on this game and it’s interesting how you have to tilt your device slightly from left to right to see the entire field, which you will need to do if you don’t want to be surprised by a zombie coming out of nowhere.


There isn’t a whole lot to say about this game since it’s simple yet addictive. When it comes to slicing weapons you’ll need to swipe your finger on the screen while shooting merely requires you to tap on the zombie in order to shoot it. One other interesting thing to note here is that all the weapons have different ranges. You won’t be able to use the paper cutter on a zombie that is just coming over a hill top. You will have to wait for him to come closer before you can start hacking away at him. This means you will be forced to upgrade your weapons on a regular basis. You can’t just pool your cash and grab the best one right away.

If you like zombie games and are looking for a more cartoon-like style of zombie killing that’s rather fun and addictive, you’ll want to check this one out and why not, it’s free.

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