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Hands-on preview of Bladeslinger by Luma Arcade on the Asus Transformer Prime

We just received our Tegra 3 Asus Transformer Prime unit and it came with a bunch of goodies loaded up on it for us to check out and bring a preview of to you, our readers. First up is one game that a lot of people are rather interested in which is Bladeslinger by Luma Arcade.

Bladeslinger is an interesting game as it brings the worlds of the old west and mutants/aliens into one title similar to that of Cowboys vs Aliens, at least in theme anyways. You start off with one weapon a lot of gamers tend to enjoy which is the dagger gun, or in other words, a gun with a rather mean blade attached to it so you can have the option of stabbing people in the face or shooting them in the face, or both, depending on how you feel.

This is a playable tech demo and so far I’ve died going up to the second floor of the saloon every time. It’s not an easy game to play but it’s damn fun already. The controls are a mix of gesture/swipe controls and tapping. While movement from place to place is automatic, at least in this demo although it looks like that will be the final controls for movement, you will have plenty to do hacking and shooting monsters in the face. When you get further into the game, from our understanding anyways, there will be specific gestures you can do in order to do special moves or unleash special powers.

So far this game looks pretty bad ass in pretty much every category from the visuals to the gameplay. There is a lot of detail in the graphics and although it is a playable tech demo, it is still a lot of fun to play. No word just yet on exactly when Bladeslinger will be release or pricing as of yet.

Developer Websites: Luma Arcade

Official Game Websites: Bladeslinger

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