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The JXD S7100 Android gaming tablet. It’s ugly, boasts some big specs but only costs $140.

There are plenty of countries that have their own unique Android devices made by other not-so-major manufacturers and in this case the JXD S7100 Android gaming tablets comes to us straight from China. As ugly as this device looks it actually sports some pretty bad ass specs that a similar to the Samsung Galaxy SII.

As you can see in the pictures, even though this device is not exactly the prettiest thing to look at, it does come with almost a complete set of game pad controls. It also comes with some pretty solid hardware specs to back up the whole ‘gaming tablet’ thing the company is boasting.

JXD S7100 Specs:

– Dual-core Cortex A-9 processor and Mali 400 graphics core
– Android 2.2
– 512MB RAM
– 2MP Rear camera, 0.3MP front-facing camera
– 16GB Storage
– HDMI-out
– 7″ touch screen display running at 800×480 resolution

Granted this thing does come with Android 2.2 (a little behind in the times) there is nothing that a little rooting and ROM flashing can’t cure. Aside from that though it does sport some impressive specs for a tablet priced around $140. A little more RAM would be nice of course.

So when will we see this arrive elsewhere like Europe or the USA? Probably never but you can always try and import one. Unfortunately the name S7100 is a bit boring so we are dubbing this tablet “The Pancake”.

Website Referenced: Phandroid

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