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Friday Morning Awesomeness: Machine Gun stylus for your Android device

We haven’t done an “Awesomeness” article in some time but today seems like a good day to revisit the series with what can only be described as something that is rather cool. While a lot of people don’t really mess around with a Stylus these days, this little item may change your mind, if for no other reason for novelty’s sake.

Coming from a company called Plow Games, you can now have a stylus with a bit more flare to it, particularly if you are into FPS games or just guns in general with their Gun Stylus – Assault Rifle Edition. If you are going to use a stylus you might as well have one that suits what you do, especially if you are into gaming.

If you think this is cool as it is then you will be even happier to know that this stylus actually comes with a functional sight as well for aiming. According to Plow Games this stylus should work on all iOS and Android devices and will set you back $24.99. If gaming wasn’t distracting enough while at work, now you can have a functional mini-gun to doubly waste your time with. This is almost as bad as the remote controlled nerf rocket launcher we talked about a few months back.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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