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Capcom’s Street Fighter IV gets HD tags, coming to the Android Market in May.

While currently exclusive to LG’s HD phones, specifically the LG Spectrum when it gets released January 19th, Capcom’s Street Fighter IV will be coming to the Android Market once the LG exclusivity on the Spectrum expires. So when can you expect to get this rather bad ass game?

Well first it will actually get a slight name change as Capcom will add HD tags to the end of it. Officially it will be called Street Fighter IV HD and it will be coming to the Android Market sometime in May of this year when the LG Spectrum exclusivity time period expires. Once Street Fighter IV HD is available on the Android Market, it will be available for all supported Android devices. This will likely be most of the newer ones considering how heavy this game is.

You will also have around a 1.3GB secondary download when you get the game. Currently owners of the LG Nitro and future owners of the LG Spectrum HD phones will be the only ones able to play this although there are apparently ways to get it to work on your non-HD Android phone. We haven’t been successful in getting this to work but apparently some people out there have. There will also be a WiFi-enabled VS mode for local multiplayer so you can fight against friends.

Before you get all excited though to have this game running natively (without Chainfire3D or whatever way some people have gotten it to work) there is one thing you need to know, the game will be priced at $12.99 when it launches. That price point may end up turning some people off from getting Street Fighter IV HD.

Website Referenced: Joystiq

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