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Ready to play a little Counter-Strike on your Android device?

An indie developer has posted a new game over on the XDA forums based off the FPS (first-person shooter) game Counter-Strike. Some people may call it a port but it really is a game built from the ground up using Unity3D that happens to use some of the Counter-Strike assets.

If you have ever played the actual PC FPS game Counter-Strike then you already know what to expect. If you haven’t had the privilege yet of playing the original, players are deviced up into two teams: Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists. In the original there were a few different ways your team could win whether it’s planting (and exploding) or diffusing a bomb. You could also do it the way most players tend to do it and just kill the entire other team.

This Counter-Strike Portable game, as it is called, is cross-platform multiplayer as well and the developer has released a version on both Facebook and Kongregate for web based browser playing. There is also a version which you can install and play natively on your Android device. Depending on the Android OS version you are running, you will either want the 5-series app (Android 2.0+) or the 6-series app (android 2.3+). A lot of the maps in this game are also the classic Counter-Strike maps including de_dust2 and others that are easily favorites of the original game.

Counter-Strike Portable is currently a work in progress and even though it is available on Kongregate (as a Flash game) and on Facebook, there might be the odd bug in the Android version of the game. have no fear though as it seems the developers are constantly working on it. If you are interested in checking it out, hit up the link below. Good news for Xperia Play owners, it is also optimized for your controls.

Website Referenced: XDA Forums

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