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Rumor: Asus developing a new Transformer tablet already?

For those that currently own the Transformer Prime may want to brace your selves: ASUS may soon release a device to replace Prime. While this might sound like the updated Prime Asus announced back at CES that apparently isn’t the case.

According to Taiwanese site, NCCC, they have stumbled across photos on what appears to be the new Transformer. While the photos depicts the familiar Transformer back, the included documents solidifies the rumor. The document lists the device under TF300T. Asus Transformer fans know that the original 10.1 tablets model number is TF101 while the Prime follows suit with TF201.

While this might easily be a rumor, remember that the OG Transformer was only in the market for a little more than half of 2011 before Prime was leaked and eventually released. Top notch Tegra 3 based games have yet to really be released and I’m willing to bet Asus wouldn’t strap on the ol’ Tegra 3 on this device. Then again, in tech years a few months may be too long.

Source: NCCC Via:Engadget

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