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Android functionality in the upcoming Minecraft/FPS mash-up Brick Force

You may remember last week that we were talking about an upcoming game that blend Minecraft mechanics with those of an FPS game called Brick Force.  Well we have more news on just what the mobile version of the game will include.

For those of you who missed our previous article about Brick Force, essentially it is a combination of the building aspect of Minecraft with the gameplay of an FPS title. Players will build arenas in which they can battle it out in FPS style gaming with other people. The game will be available for Android, iOS and browser on your PC.

When it comes to what exact the Android (or mobile version in general for that matter) will come with, the developers posted a quick blog post about it.  Basically you will be able to log in and play in the full sandbox mode which is where you and other players will build arenas before fighting in them. The actual fighting gameplay may end up being strictly through the browser or so it seems from the sounds of the blog post.

The developers state this is mostly due to the style of FPS gaming that will be involved where quick reaction time is key. With that said it is more suitable with a keyboard and mouse to fight it out. Granted there are FPS games on Android, most of which work well for being on a mobile device. Unless something drastically changes, the mobile version will just be the sandbox mode where you can build your arenas.

Still, the game seems pretty awesome even with just that. You can build your arena while on your lunch break then battle it out when you get home. You can check out a quick preview of the game in the video above. Don’t run off too far, we will be getting a bunch of beta codes to giveaway for the upcoming beta on Feb. 28th, 2012.

Source: Brick Force Blog

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