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Namco’s Mad Tracks game for Android races onto the market

Namco has released a new game onto the Android Market called Mad Tracks. This is a 3D racing game where you can collect power-ups and race against up to three other people in real-time. Essentially it is a kart racing type of game but with vehicles that actually look like cars.

As with any kart racing type of game, the tracks are all crazy with lots of acrobatics for your to do in your little car while racing against people. There also happens to be mini-games and challenges for you to complete as well. You do have a selection of cars to choose from although you will have to unlock those by earning Mad Points in-game.

Mad Tracks Features:

– WILD ACROBATIC TRACKS: Race your miniature motor through wacky life-sized environments. Whip your car through a miniature golf course, a massive toy store, and more as you drive through gravity defying loops and spectacular jumps. Discover shortcuts and surprises along the way!
– MINI-GAMES AND CHALLENGES: MAD TRACKS is more than just racing! Compete against other players in skill-based mini-games.
– 7 DIFFERENT POWER-UPS AND WEAPONS: Grab items found throughout each track to power-up your car with turbo boosts, shields, and multiple weapons.
– UNLOCKABLE CONTENT: Earn in-game Mad Points to unlock additional cars, tracks, and content.
– ONLINE MULTIPLAYER: Put the pedal to the metal against up to 3 other players in real-time server based multiplayer or locally via a WiFi connection.

Mad Tracks isn’t a bad little kart racing game at all and is actually pretty fun. The online multiplayer is where people will really enjoy this game simply because it is always better to race other players instead of the computer AI. So if you are up for a little racing action, you might want to check this game out. It is available for free on the Android Market and is support through in-game purchases of Mad Points if you are too impatient to earn them to unlock content.

Thanks to Roger Lyons for the heads up!

Developer Website: Namco

Android Market Link: Mad Tracks

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