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Is Super Monkey Ball 2 from Sega coming to the Xperia Play?

Part of Sega’s Valentine’s Day sale was a game that currently looks to be location and carrier specific. Called Super Monkey Ball 2, this is a classic Sega game that appears to be heading to the Xperia Play soon thanks to information posted in Sony’s VIP Portal.

Currently available for iOS, which also happens to have all the extra party features like Monkey fight, Monkey Tennis, and Monkey Bowling, we can expect this to be probably a direct port of the iOS version with the exception of being optimized for the Xperia Play.

The main game itself has you controlling a monkey who runs around in a ball collecting bananas. Of course it isn’t as easy as it sounds with each stage presenting plenty of opportunities to squash your banana collecting career. Unfortunately there isn’t a whole lot of detail right now about Super Monkey ball 2 for the Xperia Play just yet but the fact it is in the VIP Portal is a very good indication that it is on its way to the Xperia Play soon.

Website Referenced: Xperia Gamer

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