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The Daily to get an exclusive Angry Birds Space Guide

Rovio has announced via Twitter that The Daily will be getting an exclusive guide to Angry Birds Space, Rovio’s upcoming newest addition to the Angry Birds franchise. This new game will have us flinging the birds in outer space and it is said that NASA and Nation Geographic are helping out with this game.

This guide won’t be a level by level walkthrough or anything like that but instead will contain inside scoops on characters and game play, behind the scenes with the developers, photos, articles on space and more. Essentially it will be a companion guide to the actual game, sort of like the special DVD extra features.

For those of you who don’t know what The Daily is, they are the first daily news publication that caters to mobile tablets, at least according to them. Rovio has stated that the guide will be ‘coming soon’ although no word on how soon that will be. It can’t be too far off since the game is being released next month. For now though we get to watch this teaser video about the whole thing.

Developer Website: Rovio

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