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Bacterium Evolution is Dr. Mario, Tetris, Jewels, Alchemy and more rolling into one title

We dig mash-ups where developers take a couple of genres and blend them together to create a unique game. Developers Blakit have done just that with their new game for Android called Bacterium Evolution. This game takes elements from a lot of different titles and genres and mixes it all up to form a pretty interesting puzzle game.

Taking ideas from games such as Dr. Mario, Tetris, Alchemy, Jewels and others, Bacterium Evolution is a puzzle game where you will play as a scorned doctor who has been ridiculed at the World Scientific Conference. To prove his theories to the world he has holed himself up in his secret laboratory where he will be trying to invent creatures.

Bacterium Evolution Features:

– Awesome graphics, animation and sounds;
– Colorful and funny game characters;
– Raising difficulty of the game step by step;
– Interesting comics;
– Bonuses;
– Tablets resolutions support;
– Open feint – a large social gaming network which allows to earn rewards, beat the best record and play with your friends.

Bacterium Evolution is essentially a match-3 game but with a lot of mechanics and ideas from other games thrown into the mix. The core gameplay is matching three or more of the same type of bacteria but instead of them disappearing off the board, they evolve, turning into new bacteria you have to try and match up.

This is definitely one of the more unique match-3 puzzle games out there and if you are a fan of this type of game, you should definitely check this one out. It is available for download off of the Android Market for free.

Developer Website: N/A

Android Market Link: Bacterium Evolution

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