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Thumbstar Games releases Meltdown on Mars THD for Tegra-based tablets

Thumbstar Games have finally released their Tegra optimized game called Meltdown on Mars THD. This particular game is a dual-stick shooter with some pretty sweet visuals to go along with all the action. This is strictly a Tegra-based tablet game for right now.

As the story goes, you will be playing as the last survivor from a colony on Mars. Being the last survivor also makes you a prime target for all the nasty creatures to go after. Using a combination of tower defense and dual-joystick gameplay, you will have to fend off the hordes of monsters in an attempt to survive, earning cash with each kill to spend on better defenses and weaponry.

Everything has some pretty nice visuals to support the gamplay, featuring a top-down perspective that you would normally find in a dual-joystick shooter, only much better looking. Currently, as we mentioned in the beginning of this post, Meltdown on Mars THD is actually a tablet-only game right now. The developers do state though that it will also be coming to Tegra phones as well in the near future.

If you are up for a little tower defense action mixed up with some dual-joystick shooting fun then you may want to check this game out. It is available off of the Android Market for $3.99. One thing to note, which a lot of people are stating in the comments, is that you need to turn off “force GPU rendering on 2d”in the developer setting on your device. If you don’t, the game will not work.

Thanks to Roger Lyons for the heads up!

Developer Website: Thumbstar Games

Android Market Link: Meltdown on Mars THD

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