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Heyzap gets a little more social with their new Add Players feature

Heyzap, one of the apps out there working on helping gamers discover new Android games to play, has added a new feature to their app. This new ‘Add Players’ feature will bring a bit more of a social tie-in to the app itself plus it will help players find other people to play games with.

A lot of games let people choose unique user names to play under. However most of these games don’t let you find other people who are playing them. This feature will allow people to add other players to a list by showing everyone else who is currently playing that particular game. The example they use in the press release is a good one where if you are looking for someone to play against in Word with Friends, you can select ‘Add Player’ and it will show everyone who is playing that game.

Once you have picked someone to play with in a particular game, it will launch that game and also copy the username of the other person to your clipboard should you need to enter it before starting a match. The update for the app has been pushed out now so it should be available for you to grab.

Developer Website: Heyzap

Android Market Link: Heyzap

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