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N3V Games gearing up tp release Heist: The Score on March 2nd

N3V Games is getting ready to release another title onto Android called Heist: The Score. This particular game is actually an on-rails FPS game where you will be playing as a low level enforcer for Salvatore Da Luca and your first big job is a rather large heist at a bank.

The whole theme around Heist: The Score is this bank job you, Salvatore and Giuseppe are going to pull of, hopefully with success. Set in the 1920s, you will be able to use all the appropriate weaponry from that era. Yes, that means Tommy Guns!

Heist: The Score Features:

– Fast-paced rail shooter action
– Action packed gun fights
– Many weapons to gut the bank
– Destructible environments
– Compelling motion capture cut scenes tell the tale of HEIST in full force
– Professional voice actors
– Experience high resolution graphics with dynamic music and sounds effects

A fair amount of people don’t like the whole idea of moving around on rails, meaning you have a set path to take and that is it. Similar styled games including Infinity Blade and Bladeslinger. For what this game appears to be though, it could work out pretty good anyways.

Heist: The Score is set to be released onto iOS and Android March 2nd so if you want to try this game out, you really don’t have a long time to wait. No word just yet on pricing. You can check out the preview trailer above.

Developer Website: N3V Games

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