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[MWC 2012] Khaeon Gamestudio shows off their next brawler called The Reem

Another game shown off at MWC 2012 is from Khaeon Gamestudio, developers of Fight Game Heros for the Xperia Play and Fight Game: Rivals for Android, and is yet another brawler called The Reem. This particular fighting game features Alistair Overeem of MMA fame, hensce the game’s name ‘The Reem’.

According to our friends over at Pockett, The Reem will feature plenty of well known fighters in it. So far the confirmed members of this new game are Alistair Overeem, Spike Morrie,  Cyrus Caspar, Stew and Tex Terryal Lavonn. OF course this won’t be all and there will be plenty of other character to beat the living crap out of.

In this new game, there is a heavy emphasis on dynamic lighting as well from the sounds of it. Things like shadows being cast on the ground and reflections in windows and car windshields (since this is a fighting game in the streets) seem to be the norm in The Reem. Each fighter will be a specialist in specific fields of martial arts such as Muay Thai and other MMA styles. Controls are set up as two sets of four buttons along with an on screen analog stick for movement. Of course this is subject to change as development continues.

Now here comes the good part, or bad, depending on the device you own. While The Reem will be released sometime in the next few months, it will originally be exclusive for Qualcomm-based Android devices for a short while before coming to the rest of the Android world. Qualcomm is expected to show off this game during GDC 2012 next week so we will hopefully get some hands-on with it and bring back some footage for our readers.

Website Referenced: Pockett (French)

Developer Website: Khaeon Gamestudio

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