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PSA: Battleheart developer Mika Mobile dropping support for Android

Developers of the hit games Battleheart and Zombieville USA, Mika Mobile, has announced today that they will no longer be spending time developing their games for Android. Even in light of the recent change to the Android Market where the file size limit for secondary downloads was increased to 4GB, they have to close up shop regarding Android.

So what does this mean for those of you who own either game? We are not exactly sure just yet aside from the fact that there probably won’t be any more updates coming to either game in terms of new features or any real support. The reason? Basically it is just not financially viable to continue to developer for Android. Part of the reason is compatibility issues with all the devices available, bug fixes and things of that nature mounting up.

Another reason is just how the Android Market works and Mika Mobile would have to completely re-engineers their games in order to take advantage of the new file size limit. With revenue being generated from the Android Market only mounting up to about 5% of Mika Mobiles yearly income, and this percentage is shrinking according to the developers, it isn’t viable to re-engineer the entire game to function properly on Android. You can read the entire official announcement over on their blog for all the details.

We are not sure why the entire file size limit issue is brought up in their post as it seems mostly a financial issue they are having with Android but either way we hope they remain successful elsewhere.

Thanks to Stephen for the heads up!

Developer Website: Mika Mobile

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