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[GDC 2012] Hands-on with Bridea’s upcoming MMOFPS for Android called Renaissance THD

We had plenty of hands-on time with a lot of games during GDC 2012 which just ended on Friday and one game on display over at the nVidia booth was the MMOFPS we have been talking about for quite some time that is being developed by Bridea called Renaissance THD.

While the game is still in development right now, we did get to try out the single-player PvE content for Renaissance THD at GDC 2012. Movement of your character is an on-rails experience, at least for right now. However, as much as on-rails movements restricts players, in Renaissance THD you almost don’t even notice it as the action is rather fast and furious. Our previous hands-on with the game was a very early build which none of the enemies were moving, this was the opposite.

Enemies come out of everywhere as you will see in the video above. Those mummy type of figures that were previously thought to be just hanging corpses actually drop from the ceiling to come at you. Enemies can throw weapons at you as well such as spears and throwing axes and concentrating on just aiming to take them down as fast as you can more than makes up for the on-rails movement. The controls also seem to have been improved greatly as well since the early build we tried out.

Renaissance THD has switched name several times since its inception but it looks like this will be the final name for the game. Originally it was supposed to be called Da Vinci Online. Unfortunately we don’t have an exact date for release but we do know that launch is not far off, as we were quoted a few months at the most. After testing this latest build of the game out, for an on-rails PvE single-player FPS game, it was pretty impressive so we can’t wait for the full version to come out. As of right now Renaissance THD is slated for Tegra 3 Android devices only.

Developer Website: Bridea (Korean)

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