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[GDC 2012] Hands-on with The Dark Meadow from Phosphor Games, coming this week to Android

One game we are looking forward to launching is from Phosphor Games called The Dark Meadow. Built using Unreal Engine 3, this is a horror action game that reminds me of a sort of Silent Hill type of title but for Android instead of PC/console.

The Dark Meadow plays a lot like a Silent Hill type of game as well. While you have to find keys, clues and solve puzzles to progress through the game, there is no shortage of action either with strange looking monsters trying to end your life. While you may not be able to see it as good in the video below as you would in person, the visuals for The Dark Meadow were very impressive with some really nice detail and great lighting effects.

Controls are similar to being on-rails but with the freedom of moving where you want to, sort of like a point-and-click adventure game. You do not have a set path you have to take but moving from one spot to another is done by tapping on the screen. Objects in the environment are interactive as well, finding items hidden in cabinets and in the grass. for example. Combat is a mix of swipe gestures and tapping. When your enemy is far away, you can shoot your cross-bow at them but when they get up close, it is all about hacking them to pieces.

Shooting is done with just tapping on your weapon while the melee combat is gesture/swipe based. You can dodge to either side to try and avoid getting hit by pressing on one of the two buttons onscreen in the lower left and right corners.

The Dark Meadow will be initially released for Tegra 3 devices and possibly other Android devices after the initial launch although nothing official has been announced regarding that. If you dig horror games though, and have a quad-core Android device, you won’t have to wait long to get your hands on The Dark Meadow. It is apparently launching this week for free with optional in-game purchases.

Thanks to Doug for finding the release date being this week as stated over at PocketGamers.

Developer Website: The Dark Meadow

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