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Video preview look at The Daily’s Angry Birds Space guide, launches tomorrow

Back when Angry Birds Space was finally announced one interesting feature was that The Daily would be getting an exclusive guide which you would about everything relating to Angry Birds Space. It isn’t so much of a guide, at least not right now, regarding level walkthrus or anything like that.

Basically what The Daily will be getting that you will be able to read about regarding Angry Birds Space are things like inside scoop on characters, game play, articles on space, behind the scenes video, photos, and much more. You got to see the original announcement for this back in February which was accompanied by a video, albeit a strange one. Now we get to see a bit more behind-the-scenes with another video which is to promote The Daily’s Angry Birds Space guide.

The guide, for those of you interested in getting it, will be available as of March 14th, which is tomorrow. Check out the video above to see a glimpse of what will be coming in the guide.

Source: Angry Birds Twitter

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