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Meet Kainy, the application that lets you play PC games on your Android device anywhere

It was bound to happen at some point, and we have been saying it would for quite some time now. However, one developer has gone ahead and made it happen and that is the ability to play your PC games on your Android device no matter where you are over WiFi/3G/4G.

The application is called Kainy and was brought to our attention in a comment on the Minecraft: Pocket Edition update article we wrote yesterday. This application is a 2 part program, one part being the actual application for your Android device (the client), and the other being for your PC which streams your games to you as it runs them (the server). Essentially this is your own OnLive network for your own PC games to play on your Android devices.

Kainy Features:

– About 100 Preset Templates for Controls and UI.
– Up to 60 fps.
– Customize your Interfaces (Buttons and Controls).
– Apply your Custom Pages (Interfaces) for each of your Games/Applications.
– Use Accelerometer to control your Games.
– Support Fullscreen, Sounds, Bluetooth Keyboard and so on
– Authentication/Data encryption in 128 bits.

Controls have always been the issue when it comes to something like this and with Kainy you have 100 preset controls and UI’s to use or your can customize the controls completely to suit whatever game you are playing. In the video below you will see Minecraft, World of Warcraft and other games being played on an Android phone using these custom controls. It will apply each custom control scheme you create to the game you want to play. Of course you can use bluetooth peripherals as well with this as well as Accelerometer controls.

Considering this is from an indie developer, you can’t help but be impressed at what they have accomplished here. While we haven’t given this application a full run through just yet, it does seem to work quite well so far. The hardest part is just setting up the controls to how you want them which is pretty enjoyable to do knowing that you can play full Minecraft (or whatever game you want) shortly afterwards on your Android device.

To give this a whirl, you can pick up the application portion for your Android device off of Google Play or through our catalog for $5.04. The PC portion is available on the developers website linked below for free. While this isn’t a beta release but a full launch, the developer is looking for feedback and suggestions for improvements.

Developer Website: Kainy (with PC download)

Google Play Link: Kainy

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