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Crytek announces their first mobile game, Fibble Flick N Roll, and it’s coming to Android

Rumors have been rolling around for some time that Crytek would be getting into the mobile gaming field and now we have confirmation of this thanks to a press release from Crytek announcing their first game, Fibble – Flick N Roll.

Fibble – Flick N Roll is a unique puzzle game that combines strategy, physics and action gameplay with some pretty slick looking 3D visuals. It’s coming from Crytek so the fact this game has great visuals isn’t totally surprising at all. You will be playing as a cute but brave alien named Fibble who has crash landed in a human home and has been separated from his crew.

In order to get home, Fibble has to go through each room of the house in order to find all of his crew mates. Fibble will need all the help he can get to accomplish this and will have the help of a bunch of mini creatures, each possessing a unique ability, to make his way through each room and to find his crew.

You can actually read up a bit more regarding Fibble – Flick N Roll on the official website linked below. This game is due for release onto Google Play sometime in the Spring of this year so it looks like we won’t have to wait long. This will also be connected through Crytek’s new GFace social gaming platform. No word on pricing.

Official Website: Fibble – Flick N Roll

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