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Game Insight announces another game heading to Android soon called Rule the Kingdom

Game Insight have become quite popular on Android with their freemium casual games generally themed around city building and simulation type of games. Well now they have announced a new title coming to Android soon and it is a lot different then what you’ve come to expect from Game Insight and their titles like My Railroad and Airport City.

While at GDC 2012 we actually got to sit down with the developers of Game Insight’s new upcoming title called Rule The Kingdom and while this game does have some city building aspects to it, this is actually more of an action RPG title. The city building aspect of this game is important but not as important as walking through the lands, completing quests and finding loot. When it comes to your town, you will be harvesting crops and other raw materials in which your residents can crafting these raw materials using multiple recipes to create foodstuffs, weapons, armor, and other useful items.

Keeping your city growing is important but so is getting out in the world and completing the huge amount of quests this game will come with at launch. In fact, Rule The Kingdom will come with over 1,000 quests over 12 different campaigns when it is released. The missions will be varied ranging from finding missing items hidden around the world to exploring, fighting powerful bosses, learning three different schools of devastating magical spells, and collecting precious gems to upgrade slots in their weapons and armor.

You won’t be doing this all alone though as you can have hired help come with you on all these missions which are available as you grow your city. Overall we were actually quite pleased with how the game looked and played when we were doing our hands-on of it at GDC 2012. It’s refreshing to see Game Insight coming out with something a little out of their norm as well. Of course this will be a free-to-play game supported with optional in-game purchases. Rule The Kingdom is due to launch this April on Android.

Official Website: Rule The Kingdom

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