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Hands-on with Dark Kingdom THD Action-RPG for Android Tegra 3 devices

Another article in our GDC Extended series is our hands-on with another Tegra-based game heading our way called Dark Kingdom THD. This is a port of the Playstation 3 title of the same name and features a top-down perspective for you to enjoy while walking around massacring monsters.

In Dark Kingdom THD you will be collecting spirits and runes while on the hunt for your missing father through multiple dungeons in this action RPG title. There are levels to gain, equipment to buy and abilities to learn. Thankfully in the preview build we got to try out at GDC 2012, we were pleasantly over-powered so I was able to run through most monsters with little effort, giving me a better chance to show you more of the game itself.

The controls on-screen worked quite well and considering that there is plenty of action to enjoy, all the attacks you will need are easily accessible. You can rotate your skills on the bottom-right to the ones you need at any specific time. Of course, amidst all the action you can just hack your way through everyone. There are bosses as well in this game which take a fair bit of effort, unless you are over-powered thanks to a preview build.

No word just yet on when exactly this will arrive on Tegra Zone and Google Play but judging from the looks of things from when we played it, we probably won’t have to wait long. This will originally launch for Tegra 3 devices and we are unaware right now if Tegra 2 devices will get a version of Dark Kingdom THD or not.

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