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Android Games We Are Playing This Week: 3/19-3/23

Like a middle child, mobile games are constantly vying for our attention. Every week there is a new shipment of mobile games propping themselves on our desks and demands to be played. While we do have dedicated reviewers, sometimes the games can be just as engaging as reviewing your W-2 forms.

So we present “Games We’re Playing This Week”, outstanding games that deserves longer than your average bathroom romp. Every week one member of our staff will sift through the best Android games, new or old, on their devices that they are playing relentlessly, pick a couple of them, and share them with you. As always we’re on constant lookout for hidden gems, so if you have a great game to share, please feel free to comment below.

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Cut the Rope: Experiments


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To all our iOS readers who accidentally stumbled to our site and simultaneously bookmarked our front page, please keep your overpriced comments to yourself. While that OS has been enjoying this addictive sequel for a number of months now, we’re still enjoying the original (at least frustratingly trying to get that damn last star on Buzz Box). Thankfully, Zeptolab gave us a chance to finally glanced our way and released the the long awaited sequel, Cut the Rope: Experiments. Not content with just providing new levels and content, the developers at Zeptolab injected a touch of mad genius by adding new ways to manipulate the candy into the suspiciously cavity free Om Nom. Rope guns, suction cups, sticky steps (sounds creepy if read separately) and a number of new gameplay elements make this a worthy pickup.

Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Edition


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While the original managed to slip by my teenage years due to angst later known as my Hip-Hop phase, I’ve always had one eye on the series. While expressing interest in guiding monkeys encased in a ball through a series of mazes may be plausible for therapy, the gameplay itself looks fun.Thankfully SEGA has been throwing Android a bit of love the past couple of months which included Sonic, and now Super Monkey Ball 2. While the use of accelerometer as the primary control is nothing short of atrocious , I’ve worked through the short coming with a handy HDMI cable.


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