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Beamdog considering bringing Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition to Android

The classic RPG series may be making the jump to Android soon. Currently slated for release on the iPad, Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition brings the classic RPG game to mobile but enhanced with new visuals and a new user interface through the use of the Infinity Engine.

Since this enhanced edition of the classic RPG was recently announced as coming to the iPad, one of our readers decided to e-mail the fine folks over at Beamdog to see if they would consider bringing the game to Android as well. The response to the plea to consider bringing it to Android was answered by Cameron Tofer, Co-Founder of Beamdog and currently one of the promgrammers on Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition.

It was a short but sweet answer, giving us hope that we could see the game come to Android as well. Cameron’s response was that they will indeed consider bringing it to Android. Considering the game is slated only for the iPad, if it does come to Android, it could very well only be for Android tablets. Either way, here’s hoping they decide to actually bring it over to our platform as well.

Thanks to Simone Rossi for the heads up!

Official Website: Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition

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