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PerBlue unleashes their newest location-based RPG called Parallel Mafia

PerBlue, developers of Parallel Kingdom which is a location-based fantasy RPG, have released their second offering onto Android after having been working on this new title for quite some time now. So what is this new game? It is a mafia themed location-based RPG called Parallel Mafia.

Set in a more futuristic world, this is a crime laden RPG which uses GPS location-based gameplay for you to compete, and fight it out with, other players from around the world using real locations. You will have to put in work if you want to be the biggest crime boss there is. Competing jobs, mastering skills to help you be a better criminal and constructing business fronts are all part of a daily work load in this game while you level up.

Parallel Mafia Features:

– Earn reputation by doing crimes, building business fronts, and mastering criminal skills.
– Steal, smuggle, and deal all the contraband you can handle.
– Avoid the Heat by employing a strategic mix of technology and smart tactics.
– Tech up your character with the latest cyborg technologies, advanced weaponry, and custom mods.
– Become Don of your own hood, or form your own Mafia with your friends and wreak global havoc
– Entirely free-to-play, can purchase in-game currency or trade with other players!
– Fully customizable avatars
– Weekly community events and updates
– Global leaderboards with weekly reward
– Black Markets allow open player-to-player trading
– Buy, sell, or trade everything from raw materials to swag
– Integrated live chat

There is a LOT to do in this game aside from just being a great criminal. Parallel Mafia supports open player-to-player trading/selling via the Black Market, community event and global leaderboard where, if you are at the top, you gain weekly rewards. Trading is pretty much open allowing you to trade just about everything in game with other players. While this is a location-based game, you don’t actually have to be in Germany to battle it out with other players who live there. You can just warp on over.

For those of you who are fans of Parallel Kingdom or mafia games in general, this is one you should give a shot. You can download Parallel Mafia off of the Google Play Store for free since it is a completely free-to-play game. Everything is available for free if you work for it or you can take a short cut and buy stuff through in-game purchases. You can also pick it up through our Android Market synced store as well.

Developer Website: Parallel Mafia Game

Google Play Link: Parallel Mafia

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