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Tuesday Morning Humor: For $1, You Get 3 Stars on Angry Birds Space

Are you frustrated that even in space, those ugly green little pigs can still be as obnoxious as they were on earth? Sure you can finish a level and forever wipe those mocking grins off from under their snouts, but if you’re rewarded with less than three stars, the satisfaction is just not the same.

If you’ve grabbed a chunk of hair out of frustration or find Angry Birds to be cutting into your personal and work time because you –Cannot.Get.That.Damn.Last.Star — then consider the appropriately named “3 stars in Angry Birds

The developer, either in a mocking or sympathetically message, understands your predicament. With a banner encouragingly stating “You Deserve It”. If Angry Birds Space has also taken up the time used to root your smartphone, good news! The app also functions well on non-rooted phones. There’s a catch however- you’d unfortunately have to play the game for at least a level.

While I personally don’t advocate paying money to cheat I know a number of people who won’t put down their smartphone and tablet until they gain every single star or hidden treasure in Angry Birds. On the bright side you can use this app to finally close Angry Birds and try another game — Cut The Rope. Try getting 3 stars in that!

If you find yourself strolling the aisles of Wal-Mart for hints in the next game in Rovio’s franchise head down to the source to try the app head down. No one said anything about addiction!

Google Play Link: 3 Stars in Angry Birds Space

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