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Spacetime Studios unleashes their new MMORPG for Android called Dark Legends

Spacetime Studios released the next title in their ‘Legends’ series of MMORPG yesterday called Dark Legends. For those of you who have been waiting all this time for the game to arrive on Android, the wait is finally over and you can get to all the blood splattering.

You should have a fairly good idea now about Dark Legends and how the gameplay looks and plays out thanks to our previous articles and hands-on with the game during GDC 2012. For those of you unfamiliar with Dark Legends though, it is a more mature supernatural MMORPG instead of the cute cartoon style you may be used to with Star Legends or Pocket Legends. Most notably there is a ton of blood to enjoy splattering all over your screen.

In Dark Legends you will play as one of the newly risen in the Vampire Nation. After the discovery of the existence of Vampires, humans and other entities have set forth to wage war against the Vampire Nation. Dark Legends features a more story driven type of gameplay versus the more instanced type of game you may be used to. There are, however, multiplayer instances as well where you will be using your new powers, along with charge attacks, to decimate any enemies that come at you with limbs flying everywhere, literally. Oh, and you can also eat them.

Dark Legends also comes with a very unique co-op PvP system which has environmental tactics. What we mean by this is that you can use the environment to your advantage in PvP such as opening the blinds of windows in order to let the sunlight in. Obviously sunlight is bad for Vampires so you can trap or kill people in this fashion. You can also just butcher them where they stand, the choice is yours.

The questing system is a bit different then what you might be used to as well. While there are the multiplayer ‘dungeons’ available, there are also instant quests which divulge more of the storyline with some cut scenes and, of course, more blood. In terms of gear, there is plenty of it along with gems that you can boost the stats of your weapons and armor.

Running on a free-to-play system like previous titles, you can play Dark Legends for free. Unlike previous titles though, this game uses an energy system which is drained as you play the game. You can wait till you regain energy or you can buy extra energy through the use of the in-game currency Platinum. You can also buy a variety of vanity items like outfits with said Platinum. Not everything requires energy though and if you happen to run out, there are other things you can do in-game.

Spacetime Studios also has a lot of ideas rolling around when it comes to the future of Dark Legends. In a phone interview with Cinco Barnes, Chief Visionary Officer at Spacetime Studios, we talked about everything from the possibility of other storylines to a totally new playable race.

If you have been a fan of previous Spacetime Studios titles, you may find some of the changes a bit out of the ordinary. Regardless of that though, Dark Legends is a bloody fun game to play and Android has had a serious lack of mature MMOs which Dark Legends does a good job filling that void. You can pick up Dark Legends off of the Google Play store or through our market synced catalog for free. This game also comes with Xperia Play optimized controls and will also be available for the Kindle Fire.

Thanks to everyone who sent in tips! We were just waiting to post about it to make sure the release was official.

Developer Website: Spacetime Studios

Google Play Link: Dark Legends

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