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Mikrotie launches their great indie puzzler onto Android called Treemaker

Way back in August of 2011 we talked about a great looking indie puzzle game that was slated to be released on Android soon called Treemaker for Mikrotie. If you follow us on a regular basis then you know how much we love checking out indie games that have something unique to them whether it is the theme of the game or the visuals.

With Treemaker, there is both a unique theme and style of gameplay along with some great unique 3D visuals. Essentially Treemaker is a physics-based puzzle game where you will be traveling through some beautifully rendered worlds in a platformer-esque style of gameplay where you will be tossing ‘rope’, more like vines really, and swing your way to the goal in each stage.

The controls are simple to learn. Just tap the screen to throw your ‘rope’, tap again where you want your little guy to hopefully land. Once you claim all the dots in each stage, which will make a tree grow when you do so and save your little brethren, you will be able to move on to the next stage. Each stage has a three star rating system as well to rank how well you do.

Mikrotie plan to update Treemaker with additional bundles of levels within updates as well as seasonal themed updates as well. Best of all the game it totally free to download and play since it is supported through ads which only show when a level is loading. So if you are up for a really great indie game to play this weekend, definitely check out Treemaker.

Developer Website: Mikrotie

Google Play Link: Treemaker

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