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Remedy Entertainment launches Death Rally for the entire Android world to play now

Back in February of this year we reported on a great looking combat racing game called Death Rally from Remedy Entertainment. Having been released onto other platforms, Death Rally boasts some pretty impressive numbers such as the game having been played on other platforms a total of 60 million times by over 5 million gamers.

In February is was released onto Android but only for Android users in Canada. This is most likely due to just using Canada, which Remedy Entertainment is based out of, as a testing ground for the Android version before rolling it out to everyone else. Now Remedy Entertainment has officially launched the game worldwide on Android. For those of you unfamiliar with Remedy Entertainment, they were the developers behind Max Payne and Alan Wake.

Death Rally is just as the title suggests it is, a racing game full of crazy tracks, weapons and vehicles to play. Oh, we can’t forget all the explosions as well! You will be racing in a similar style as Reckless Racing with a top-down perspective but the cars are a bit bigger. You can also customize your vehicles with new parts to improve things like handling, acceleration and other stats as well.

Death Rally for Android requires an Android device with:

– Multi-touch display
– OpenGL ES 2.0 graphics acceleration with the performance of Adreno205, Mali400, SGX540, Tegra2 or better
– ARM v7 compatible CPU
– Android operating system version 2.2 or later.

Unlike on other platforms, Death Rally for Android is a free-to-play game supported through optional in-game purchases or through TapJoy actions. With in-game purchases you can purchase extra tracks, vehicles, modifiers and bonuses to try and give yourself an edge when trying to survive racing. Since it is free-to-play you can download Death Rally off of the Google Play store or through our catalog for free.

Developer Website: Alan Wake Death Rally Forums

Android Market Link: Death Rally

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