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Exclusive hands-on preview of The Binary Mill’s Mini Motor Racing game for Android

Our friends over at The Binary Mill were kind enough to pass along a preview build for their upcoming Android game called Mini Motor Racing. Featuring a top-down perspective similar to Reckless Racing, you will be racing across a variety of tracks with a variety of vehicles at your disposal including a Fruit Ninja car and Santa’s sled.

Originally released onto iOS a few month back, the Android version of Mini Motor Racing will come with a variety of features that will be exclusive initially to the Android version. The game comes wrapped up in some great visuals as well, sporting a fun Micromachines type of look to it all in 3D render graphics. It also comes with a selection of control schemes to suite your play style whether you want to use a steering wheel or button placed in various locations.

Mini Motor Racing Features Debuting on Android:

• Brand new exclusive Championship race circuit
• Hours of new content featuring 4 all new tracks with day/night/reverse, various weather effects & new themed music
• New cars to win, earn & upgrade, all with multiple liveries/skins, unique stats and style
• A number of newly remastered tracks
• Enhanced specular shaders on all cars for all devices

Like the above feature list mentions, there are some really unique features to this game such as nighttime tracks, weather effects and each level has its own themed music so it isn’t just the same repetitive track. Each car comes with unique stats which can be upgraded. Cars can also be customized with a variety of different paint jobs.

Overall, during our initial hands-on, this seems like the game that could finally dethrone the Reckless Racing series from Polarbit. When Mini Motor Racing is released it will cost $1.99. There will be completely optional in-game purchases should you feel lazy and want some upgrades right away but everything can be earned in-game. You can check out our hands-on video of Mini Motor Racing below or on our YouTube channel, complete with my horrible driving skills.

Developer Website: The Binary Mill

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