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Huawei is investing in research to create touchless tablets and smartphones

A couple years ago, those of us in the United States didn’t know much about Huawei. As 2012 moves on, we’re starting to see this company in the news a lot more. Huawei is creating the next line of myTouch phones on T-Mobile, and also claims to have one of the world’s thinnest smartphones in the Huawei Ascend P1. Huawei is looking to spread its influence even further by investing around $4.5 billion to research and develop tablets and smartphones that don’t┬ánecessarily┬áneed to be touched.

According to Computerworld, Huawei considers this new technology to be “disruptive.” John Roese, who is the general manager of Huawei’s research and development operations in North America, explained in general terms what his company is trying to do.

“What if you use the camera of a tablet or a smartphone and use it to capture the visualization of your hands. So imagine instead of touching a smartphone, you can actually have a three-dimensional interaction with it.” – John Roese

To achieve this vision, Roese said the smartphones will need to have two front cameras and a pretty beefy processor. If this tech does become reality, Huawei will most likely introduce it on tablets before bringing it to smartphones.

The larger screens on tablets make them the ideal way to interact with gesture-based technology. For example, if someone was using a medical application that shows every organ in the body, they could use Huawei’s technology to rotate and manipulate the on-screen image without ever needing to physically touch the screen. The only trick is getting developers to support the technology.

Source: Computerworld

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