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GameFly launches their GameQ digital magazine onto Android

Following in the footsteps of the nVisions digital magazine, Gamefly have released their own interactive digital publication as well called GameQ. As you might expect from gaming industry themed publication, GameQ will contain in-depth stories, interviews and more. Just like the nVision’s magazine as well, the GameQ magazine is available only for tablets.

GameQ will also come with plenty of interactive elements as well including embedded videos, high resolution screenshots, concept art and other exclusive content. Gamefly’s new publication will be covering the gaming industry as a whole which will include mobile gaming on various platforms including Android.

Along with the application’s launch, the first issue of GameQ is available for download through the GameQ application. The application is sort of a platform, or library, similar to that of other applications like Zen Pinball where you download the initial application then after that you can download individual pinball tables that you want. The GameQ application is the same thing but with issues of the GameQ digital magazine.

The first issue of GameQ is available to download for free and will take up 264MB of space. No word just yet on whether or not future issues of GameQ will be free or cost anything. For those of you curious, the GameQ application was developed by the same company that made nVidia’s nVision digital magazine application and who will be developing ours as well. The GameQ application is available for download for free off of the Google Play store.

Google Play Link: GameQ

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