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World of Midgard MMORPG third beta updated once again, now includes music

The World of Midgard third beta, which is a public beta, has been updated once again and a new download is now available. Officially named Faction Wars, the third beta has been updated on a fairly regular basis, almost every other week to be exact, since it went public.

For those of you thinking about jumping into the beta, keep in mind that this beta version is still pretty raw with bugs and a rough user interface to use. In fact the developers make sure to note this when you go to download the game, citing that this is for hardcore gamers who enjoy beta testing early versions of games. Some people would argue that this should still be in a closed beta status.

This update brings with it a bunch of bug fixes and the game now includes background music! There is still a lot to do with the game though but it is getting there, albeit slowly. If you have a beta version installed right now, it is recommended that you uninstall the old version before installing the new one.

Official Website: World of Midgard

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