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Nimblebit’s upcoming Android game Pocket Planes gets teased in a trailer

Nimblebit, developers of the hit game Tiny Tower, are currently working on a new game for Android and iOS called Pocket Planes. In fact, Pocket Planes is part of the Tiny Tower world complete with all the pixel art and pixel people, also known as ‘bitizens’.

As you may be guessing this game will be a casual air management simulation title. You’ll be in charge of managing and building up a fleet of planes, taking care of flights along with cargo to over 250 cities and all that good stuff but in the Tiny Tower style. You’ll be able to customize a whole lot of different things in Pocket Planes as well including the planes, pilot outfits and even trade plane parts. There will also be global event in the game.

Still no word yet on when Pocket Planes will land on either platform but considering a trailer is now out, seen above, it shouldn’t be too much longer of a wait. At least the trailer gives us a good view of the gameplay elements.

Developer Website: NimbleBit

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