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Mario inspired platformer The Other Brothers gets an Alpha version preview

Back in January 2012 we talked about a retro style platformer called The Other Brothers which is fairly heavily inspired from the classic platformers from back in the day such as Mario Bros. The theme of the game may sound similar since it will feature two plumbers going to help a damsel in distress.

Although the theme is pretty familiar, the visuals are a rather unique style of retro graphics which look more to be from older PC games. There still isn’t a whole lot of details about The Other Brothers aside from what the 4-man development team has let out which is that you will be “running, jumping, collecting, racing against the clock”.

The video above shows footage from the Alpha version of The Other Brothers so keep that in mind as between the Alpha version and final product a fair amount can change. However, as to how many levels/worlds the games with come with, released date and pricing, all of that has yet to be mentioned. We do know that it is slated for a Fall release and The Other Brothers will be an episodic release which means there will be episodes released in future updates.

Developer Website: Tobgame

Website Referenced: Indie Game Magazine

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