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Kairosoft’s next game to be Pocket Clothier, due out June 8th

Kairosoft’s next addicting pixel-filled sim game has been announced along with a released date. So what will their next title be? It will be called Pocket Clothier and judging from the miniature picture on their site, it will have you running your own clothing store.

We can safely guess that you will be in charge of the store’s layout, where products will be displayed and the pricing for them. You will also probably have to deal with putting on sales and training/managing staff on top of having a proper store layout.

If it follows the same sort of style as previous Kairosoft games then new, more expensive, products will eventually become available to stock your store with. The main goal will most likely be to build the most popular successful clothing store possible. It also looks like you will be able to put on fashion shows as well.

We did a little searching on the Google Play store and found a Kairosoft game in Japanese that looks a lot like Pocket Clothier. We’ve included those screenshots above for reference. Pocket Clothier is due out on June 8th, 2012.

Thanks to Scott A. for the tip!

Developer Website: Kairosoft

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