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Mediocre’s next game to include bad ass racing grannies called Granny Smith

Mediocre, developers of the fantastic physics-based puzzle game called Sprinkle, are currently developing their next game for Android which will feature some bad ass grannies. Called Granny Smith, this new game is a platform racing game with a heavy emphasis on the physics.

The main character is Granny Smith who happens to be racing against an apple thief in each level. The goal? Trying to collect more apples in each level than the thief does. Granny has some crazy moves too thanks to the fact she is wearing roller skates and carries a stick in which she can use to zip-line down after the thief and bash him with the stick. Par for the course are the controls which are similar to that of a continuous running game.

You will automatically be running forward and your only controls are jump and bash. Bash will come in very handy later on in the game since you will not only have to bash the thief but obstacles like crates and doors as well. If the thief gets ahead of you then you’ll need to bash him or figure a way to get back ahead of him. While he is ahead of you he gets to collect those precious apples. You can’t just spam your bashes though since if you miss you’ll trip and crash rolling all over the place with the crazy ragdoll physics the game comes with.

In total there will be around 80 levels to Granny Smith when it is released and it will even come with a nifty replay system to watch races or certain crashes. As of right now the game is expected to be released in August onto iOS and Android.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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