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Microsoft releases the official My Xbox Live application onto Google Play

We knew this was coming awhile ago, actually back in January of this year. Well now it has finally arrived onto Google Play. What are we talking about? Microsoft’s My Xbox Live application for Android is what we are babbling about right now. However, before jumping right into this, there are a couple of things you need to know.

These few bits of important information regarding this application that you need to know are:

1) This is absolutely nothing to do, at least not right now, with the whole SmartGlass stuff Microsoft babbled on about during their E3 2012 press event.

2) This could end up getting the Xbox console game streaming features for mobile that are rumored to be in development. It was also rumored that this would be announced during E3 2012 which it wasn’t. It is still rumored to be announced in the very near future but more on that later.

So what is this? Simply put this is a social application for Android with Xbox Live integration. What you can do with this application is track and compare achievements with your friends, change up your 3D avatar and connect with your Xbox Live friends.

My Xbox Live Features:

– Track and compare your achievements with your LIVE friends
– Change up your 3D avatar
– Message your Xbox LIVE friends
– Edit your LIVE Profile

You can also access news regarding Xbox Live, Xbox Spotlight feeds as well as get game tips and tricks. The biggest feature are the social aspects of course and you are probably curious as to our second point that we mentioned above.

Well it is rumored that Microsoft will be announcing some sort of console game streaming feature for smartphones and tablets. This feature will be for all platforms including Windows, iOS and Android. Developers will be able to create content in their console games for Xbox which will be interactive on mobile devices whether it is special features or actually being able to play their games by being streamed to your mobile device.

As exciting as the prospect of Xbox game streaming is, until it is officially announced you should take that with a grain of salt. Until then you can at least get this application, fiddle with your avatar and harass your Xbox Live friends while they are trying to play games. My Xbox Live is, of course, available to download for free off of Google Play and our Google Play synced catalog.

Thanks to Chaospower for the heads up!

Google Play Link: My Xbox Live

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