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Knights of the Round Cable to bring XBLA Rotastic style gaming to Android soon

Just before everyone points it out, yes it is called Knight of the Round Cable. This is an upcoming 2D game coming to Android that takes heavy influence from the XBLA title called Rotastic which was developed by Dancing Dots. Chillingo is rearing their head once more on Android and will be co-publishing this new game along side Focus.

So what is Knights of the Round Cable aside from being a title that you can’t help but read as Kinght’s of the Round Table? It’s actually a pretty simple but strangely addictive game. You control a knight who spins around various pegs and anchor points that are arranged on each stage of the game. It’s all about timing really.

As your knight swings around you tap the right side of the screen to reverse his direction. Tapping on the left side of the screen will either have your knight release the cable he is swinging on or connect a new cable to another peg should you be in the air. Scattered around each stage are gems to collect along with power-ups such as extra lives. Combo multipliers also will help boost your score which is what you are trying to get as high as possible in the allotted time.

When Knights of the Round Cable launches there will be an additional 11 knights you can unlock which can be done either by using the gems you collect or through an in-game purchase. This also doesn’t mean the game will be free although there is a good chance it will be. Currently Knights of the Round Cable is slated for release sometime in July 2012. Check out the trailer below for a better idea about the game.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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