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Chillingo comes out of nowhere and releases three games onto Google Play

Chillingo, a publisher of mobile games who generally deals with iOS releases, has turned around and launched three games onto Google Play. Chillingo did start releasing Android games awhile ago but eventually took a break from it aside from the rare title here and there. After EA purchased Chillingo, we predicted more games would arrive on Android and it seems to slowly be coming true.

All three games are pretty solid titles actually, especially Feed Me Oil if you like indie games with a slightly twisted look to them. Each game is released in EA’s traditional way with one version for North America and another for International users. So let’s take a closer look at Feed Me Oil, Draw Race 2 and Harry the Fairy shall we?

Feed Me Oil

In this game your job is to feed the land which actually happens to be alive. You will have to figure out a way to get the oil from the broken pipe to the mouths of the shaped land that is alive and hungry. Do accomplish this you will have a variety of tools at your disposal but you’ll have to figure out how to use them in order to get the oil into the mouth of the odd creatures. Each stage also has multiple ways to solve it so feel free to get creative with whatever tools you have to use in each level.

As you may be guessing, you will have to deal with the physics of the oil as well which can sometimes not be exactly helpful. Luckily there is a pretty good soundtrack to keep you from getting too frustrated when trying to solve a particularly hard stage. You can download Feed Me Oil off of the Google Play store for free.

Google Play Links: Feed Me Oil (North America) | Feed Me Oil (International)

Harry the Fairy

This particular game is an action adventure title where you will be playing as Harry who happens to be a green fairy. All of his friends have gotten themselves in trouble and it is up to Harry to rescue all of them. You will be controlling this little furry fairy through various underground caverns and tunnels, avoiding traps and other nasty things that, if it pops your little protective bubble, will put you in a world of trouble.

Harry the Fairy is a pretty nice little time killer that comes with 28 levels that span across four different regions: Underground, Caves, Lava Pits and The Inferno. If you are ready to be a hero that looks like a furry green ball with wings trapped in a bubble, then you can just over to the Google Play store for free.

Google Play Links: Harry The Fairy (North America) | Harry The Fairy (International)

Draw Race 2: Racing Evolved

Draw Race 2 is a rather large racing game that comes with over 180 challenges for you to complete in single player mode as well as a gymkhana skill game and other content to unlock. Each car also has their own handling physics so you will have to learn how each one handles in order to actually be able to race with it well. When racing you will be situated in the top-down perspective that seems to be coming the norm with racing games these days.

There are plenty of different types of car you can race with and should you complete all the challenges in single player mode, or just feel like racing other people, you can hop online and take on other players in the new Friend Challenge mode. If you need a racing fix while waiting for Asphalt 7 to arrive, you might want to check this game out. It is available for $2.99 off of the Google Play store.

Google Play Links: Draw Race 2 (North America) | Draw Race 2 (International)

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