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ARM releases another demo video of Timbuktu which we will never get to play

Back during GDC 2012 ARM was present to show off their Mali chip by having some graphically heavy, and impressive, games on hand to demo. One of them is their in-house developed dune buggy racing game Timbuktu. Well ARM has decided to make another video to show everything off once more.

Why did ARM decide to make another demo video showcasing a game we will never get to play? Because ARM enjoys teasing us with this great looking racing game that will never get released because it is just a playable tech demo. However, if you dig the physics in it, you can grab the engine it uses since it is an open-source engine called Bullet. This demo shows Timbuktu running on a quad-core Cortex A9 and quad-core Mali-400 powered mobile device, rendered at a high definition resolution of 720p. Enjoy.

Thanks to Enrico for the tip!

Source: YouTube

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