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Defiant Development releases a snow filled Ski Safari onto Android

Defiant Development have really got the knack on making appealing games, even for such different genres such as the ones they’ve already developed for. Their first game, Rocket Bunnies, got us on an interesting eye-timing puzzle game. Then came Heroes Call THD which, for a Freemium game, gave us some pretty nice dungeon crawling RPG gameplay.

Now, they’re giving us Ski Safari, which will take most of your free time away with it’s intense but simple gaming. In Ski Safari, you’re a guy who, after being caught in a not so friendly avalanche, must ski his way down the mountain with the help of our beloved mountain animal friends. The goal of the game is getting as far as possible before the dreaded river of snow gets you. To make that possible, you will get lots of help from penguins, eagles and yes, the Yeti himself.

The game works with cabins acting as waypoints or stations. Other than free-falls and small valley-esque portions of the road, you’ll find a number of cabins along the way and some of them will get you on snowmobiles while others will hand you a variety of different boosts and ways to get away from the avalanche. There is also an ever increasing combo system, which gives you a real score boost which is dependent on how long you survive.

With some solid comical graphics, nice animation effects, an addictive and catchy soundtrack, and a considerable amount of achievements, Ski Safari is a pretty good time killer that you sit down to play for five minutes and then suddenly realize you’ve been playing for a half an hour. You can pick up Ski Safari off of the Google Play store for $0.99.

Developer Website: Defiant Development

Google Play Link: Ski Safari

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