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The classic game of Battleships gets revamped in Ships N’ Battles, complete with multiplayer

For all of you fans of classic board games, especially Battleship, here is a really good rendition of it revamped with 3D visuals. This is all thanks to Skahal Studios who have released their first games onto Google Play. Ships N’ Battles brings the classic game of Battleship giving it a top-edge coating with great graphics, likeable sound effects and some new features to refresh the classic Battleship game.

For those of you who have somehow managed to never play the Battleship physical game, you command a fleet of ships strategically organized throughout a grid playing field. You are trying to destroy your enemy’s fleet by taking them one by one with your missiles, while praying that yours don’t get hit and killed as well. It’s a turn-based game that puts together both your luck and strategic thinking abilities.

Now, Ships N’ Battles makes a new experience out of it by adding full 3D rendered ships, sea and a very interesting Mountain range between the teams (hence you still can’t see or know the exact position of your enemies’ boats). It also includes the appropriate sound effects, and here’s the turning point: 10 power-ups that work as powers, enhancing and modifying the gameplay as we know it. You’ll be either using or facing Guided missiles, full vertical or horizontal explosions, and even a Ghost Ship, willing to fight by your side.

On top of that, the game has 4 different levels of difficulty and both Local and Global multiplayer, including cross-platform multiplayer with iOS players. So if you are up for getting some missile destruction done in this great revamping to the classic game, you can nab it off of the Google Play store for a mere $0.99.

Developer Website: Skahal Studios (Portuguese)

Google Play Link: Ships N’ Battles

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