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New puzzle platformer called Amazing Brok let’s you play as a rock

Sketchy Ventures. The name may not be familiar yet, but might soon be. They just released their very first game onto Google Play, and it’ll get fans of puzzle and fast-paced platform games interested perked up. Amazing Brok starts with a somewhat unexpected main character, but will have you coming back to him once you get the difficulty down of going through each and every level.

“Meet Brok. Brok is a rock.” Our main character in Amazing Brok is a jumping rock who must complete a series of levels by jumping over conveyor belts. You interact with it by making it jump and changing the movement orientation of the belts, and while making it senselessly jump over and over you must avoid a series of obstacles such as spiny presses and tooth saws. The main objective is to get to the goal and obtain the three golden rings.

The game comes with those classic doddle graphics although colored in and while it doesn’t have a soundtrack, it does include in-game sound effects. Too bad we’ll all be missing some death music as we blame our fingers for letting Brok fall to the abyss. Finally, you’ll be getting 75+ levels divided in 4 main stages of platformer content to get through.

Amazing Brok is available on the Google Play store for $0.99.

Developer Link: Sketchy Ventures

Google Play Link: Amazing Brok

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