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DroidGamers News: What happened over the past few days

A lot of people who follow us on Twitter, G+ or Facebook has been keeping up-to-date with what happened the past few days. For those of you who don’t follow us on any of those, here is what happened to us and all that good stuff.

Basically what happened is we got hit with a htaccess file redirect injection exploit which, as many of you experienced, would redirect you from our site to some fake Google page. Even though we cleaned it right away it came back and again, we cleaned it right away. However, Google happened to crawl our website the second time right when it happened and so Google automatically flagged our site which is why whenever you tried to visit the site, you got that Malware warning. It was shitty timing for Google to crawl the site right when that happened but there isn’t much we can do about that.

However, everything has been patched up and we have added some new security features in the back-end to prevent this from happening again. It sucks that people have to do this kind of shit in order to make money and have little respect for people who work hard, because that is generally the purpose of malware, to make you click on stuff. Unfortunately, as the saying goes, ‘shit happens’ and it does. It happened to us once before and it sucked then too.

We appreciate everyone patience over the last few days while we dealt with this. Like I said the site has been clean pretty much from the jump but Google flagged us anyways which is why the warnings were happening. Everything is good to go now so we are just going to put this behind us and move forward doing what we do best, playing games on Android and reporting Android gaming news.


Andrew Huff
Founder / Chief Editor

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