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OUYA to get a Robotoki exclusive game, a prequel to Human Element

While the world debates on whether or not OUYA will be a success, one of the first confirmed games have been announced for the Android based home gaming console. Developer Robotoki whom you should know by now from our previous coverage of their upcoming game Human Element have confirmed that they will be releasing an exclusive game for the OUYA system.

If you have missed our previous coverage about Robotoki’s upcoming Android game Human Element, definitely check out our previous articles about it as the game is going to be pretty amazing from the sounds of it already. Unfortunately we will have to wait until 2015 to play it.

However, we will get a taste of Human Element and it will be a lot sooner than 2015. Robotoki has announced that they will be releasing a prequel to Human Element which will be exclusive to the OUYA gaming console. What this prequel will entail remains to be seen as there really isn’t a whole lot of detail about it just yet. The good news is, we should start hearing a lot more about upcoming games for OUYA as the first units are supposed to ship sometime in 2013.

Website Referenced: Shacknews

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